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All or Nothing Hopfenweisse

Image of All or Nothing Hopfenweisse

5.1% abv - 473 ml - 25 IBU
GLASSWARE: Tall Fluted Weizen Glass – Pick one up at our online store!

A lightly-hopped, highly sessionable wheat beer, All or Nothing is like nothing you’ve seen before. Golden in colour, with a sparkling foamy head, the first sniff reveals notes of banana and bubblegum. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find hints of tropical fruit and a touch of citrus. When you finally bring that glass to your lips, you’ll be delighted by how the sweet and refreshing fruitiness is followed by more assertive tropical hops, creating a delightful hybrid of Hefeweizen and west-coast Pale Ale flavours.

Unlike some other wheat beers, All or Nothing is brewed without added sugars or flavours. Using 3 types of malt and 4 varieties of hops, we’ve crafted a beer that is complex yet approachable, refreshing yet bold, and always delicious. Try us today, we think you’ll agree!