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Masala Chai Mead

Image of Masala Chai Mead

7.0% abv - 296 ml

Trafalgar’s Masala Chai Mead combines our historically accurate Mead Braggot (Mead brewed with malted barley) and a custom blend of masala chai tea to craft a modern piece of history. It is made with premium Ontario grown 2 row barley and pure award-winning Ontario wildflower honey sourced less than an hour from the Brewery. We then add our hand picked blend of traditional masala chai teas which naturally compliment the complex flavors and aromas of Ontario wildflower honey. Due to its full-bodied rich flavor and aroma, Masala Chai Mead is best enjoyed with baked goods, or on its own. Don’t forget to try warming it up in a pot (not to a boil) for an extra rich and flavorful Masala Chai Mead experience.