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Mead Braggot

Image of Mead Braggot

8.5% abv - 296 ml

Trafalgar’s Mead Braggot (Mead brewed with barley malt) is a historically accurate recipe brewed in a modern facility. Made with premium Ontario grown ingredients, including 2 row barley malt, and Honey sourced less than an hour from the Brewery. This mead has not been infused with any additional flavours unlike our other delicious craft products. It has been brewed to highlight the quality of the local ingredients of honey and barley malt.

The honey and malt flavors are balanced with a very light hopping process that results in a pale blonde beverage with historically accurate mild carbonation and thin, light head. This mead has light floral notes and finishes with a off-dry sweet & malty finish. This mead is best paired with delicately flavoured food so not to overwhelm the subtle character this beverage possesses.

Our Mead Braggot is a modern version of the worlds oldest alcoholic beverage, and a true representation of the goodness and quality expected from products grown and made in Ontario.