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Peach Mead

Image of Peach Mead

7.0% abv - 296 ml

Trafalgar’s Peach mead expands from our historically accurate Mead Braggot (Mead brewed with malt barley) to create a modern delight perfectly blended with a historic recipe. Made with premium Ontario grown ingredients, including 2 row barley malt, and Honey sourced less than an hour from the Brewery. This mead has been infused with additional peach flavours creating a new age mead that is bursting with quality and flavor.

The honey and malt flavors are enhanced with peach flavors and balanced by a very light hopping process that results in a pale straw beverage with a slightly enhanced carbonation to enhance the sensation and taste of peaches. This mead is best paired with lighter meals to compliment the light and sweet nature of the beverage.