Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce
Heartbeat Hot Sauces most recent collaboration with an Ontario craft brewery, this time from their home town of Thunder Bay. Made with the help of Sleeping Giant Brewery’s award winning Beaver Duck session IPA, this sauce has a boldly pronounced fruitiness and a...
Scorpion Hot Sauce
Heartbeat Hot Sauces hottest sauce yet, this new recipe features Trinidad Scorpion Peppers to get your blood pumping! Even with a unique combination of ingredients, including beets, red bell peppers and chipotles in adobo, this sauce still has the well-balanced versatility...
Blueberry Habanero Hot Sauce
This special edition Red Habanero is loaded with real blueberries and made with the help of Forgotten Lake Blueberry Ale from Lake of the Woods Brewery. Purposely not too sweet! It will taste harmonious with any savoury flavours you might be...
Poirier's Louisiana Style Hot Sauce
Like any good Cajun sauce, the recipe starts with the best cayenne peppers, fermented to round out the sting and up the flavour before finishing with vinegar, sea salt, celery and garlic. Add in a handful of red habaneros for...
Mustard Pickle Hot Sauce
Yup, Maritime Madness did that - created a Mustard Pickle hot sauce! A taste of back home mustard pickles in every bite with some habanero fire at the back end. This by far is one of our most popular hot sauces that...
Jerk From Away Hot Sauce
One of our more popular hot sauces in our Classic Line. Our special blend of habaneros, herbs and spices. Perfect hot sauce for chicken and pork, whether marinating or dipping. Fire up the grill, it's time for some jerk chicken!
Hop Sauce Hot Sauce
Upstreet Craft Brewing supplied the NB grown hop blend for this unique hot sauce. By using the hops only and not the beer, we achieved the same delicious hoppy taste of their White Noize IPA but it's gluten free! This...
Habanero Mustard Hot Sauce
A crazy habanero mustard hot sauce with a black pepper and garlic finish. Great on sausages, hamburgers, sandwiches, smoked meat and more. Try some in your potato salad recipe for a bit of added zing! If you love a hot...
Giv'er Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
Our hottest ghost pepper sauce. The one and only original recipe Giv'er Sauce. Flat out searing heat. This brew is so hot it'll melt the gumboots right off ya! It doesn't matter what you put it on, this hot sauce is...
Garlic Goodness Hot Sauce
Our Simple Line Garlic Goodness hot sauce made with fresh cayennes... a classic! If you love hot sauce, but don't want the heat of habanero, this hot sauce is for you. There's no mistaking the difference freshness makes when you...
Hophead Habanero Hot Sauce
A unique gluten free hot sauce made in collaboration with hops from Copper Bottom Brewing in Montague, PEI. Citrus and habanero make a perfect base to let the hops shine through. This unique hot sauce goes fantastic on many different...
Solar Flare Hot Sauce
Pepper North travels south to bring you Solar Flare hot sauce. The most powerful solar flare ever measured occurred on September 1st, 1859. Auroras from the flare were visible around the world causing many telegraph systems to be set ablaze....
Momento Hot Sauce
Pepper North focuses on flavour and extreme heat to bring you Momento de Muerte hot sauce. The term memento mori originated in ancient Rome and has long served as a reminder of mortality urging people to live their lives to...
Northern Lights Hot Sauce
Pepper North treks deep into the Canadian Arctic in search of the ever-elusive and awe-inspiring Northern Lights. For thousands of years and throughout hundreds of cultures there have been many myths and mysteries surrounding the Aurora Borealis. This Mexican-style verde...
Pepper North Totality Ultra Hot Sauce
Pepper North continues their long-standing tradition of flavour first, super-hot sauces by bringing you to Totality.
Strait Jacket Hot Honey
While excavating ancient Egyptian tombs, archaeologists have found pots of honey thousands of years old, an unmistakable testament to the eternal shelf life of one of nature’s greatest bounties. Made with sustainably sourced wildflower honey, perfectly ripened chile peppers, and...
No Refunds 4 Alarm
100% natural & gluten free, this hot sauce mixes things up with three kinds of peppers, fresh lime juice and savoury garlic. Simple but flavourful, a great everything sauce!Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet peppers, Habanero peppers, Pepperoncini peppers, fresh garlic, shallots, apple...
No Refunds Mango Mamba
Mango purée, fresh chopped ginger combined with a blend of Ghost, Scotch Bonnet & Scorpion chillies.   This sauce is both fresh & sneaky
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