Moose Tracks - Kawartha Dairy - 500 ml tub
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups swirled with Moose Tracks® fudge.
Death By Chocolate - Kawartha Dairy - 500 ml tub
Premium chocolate ice cream with bittersweet dark chocolate chunks and thick chocolate twister sauce. To die for!
Pralines & Cream - Kawartha Dairy - 500 ml tub
A rich praline flavoured ice cream with a generous portion of praline pecans combined with a rich caramel sauce.
French Vanilla - Kawartha Dairy - 500 ml tub
An all-natural premium ice cream made one batch at a time with farm fresh milk and an abundance of dairy fresh cream. Pure bourbon vanilla and eggs give that bold vanilla flavour and rich creamy texture. A sprinkling of vanilla seeds adds...
Mint Chocolate Chip - Kawartha Dairy - 500 ml tub
A cool mint flavoured ice cream with semi sweet chocolate chips throughout.
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