Globetrotter Cali Common (473 ml Can)

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    Introducing our California Steam Beer, a vibrant celebration of the West Coast spirit and its unique brewing heritage. This beer is expertly crafted using a distinctive fermentation process that combines lager yeast with warmer fermentation temperatures, giving it a character unlike any other. With a brilliant amber hue that echoes the golden light of a California sunset, our Steam Beer showcases a crisp, clean taste that’s both refreshing and complex.

    At the heart of our California Steam Beer is a delicate balance between select malts and choice hops, resulting in a harmonious blend of light fruity esters, subtle malt sweetness, and a hint of rustic earthiness. The experience is elevated by a gentle hop bitterness that introduces a crisp finish, making it the perfect refreshment for any occasion, from a beach day to a backyard barbecue.

    Embrace the innovative spirit of California and the laid-back lifestyle that it epitomizes. Our California Steam Beer is an ode to the pioneers of craft brewing and a toast to the adventurers at heart. Enjoy the essence of the Golden State in every sip and let it transport you to the sunny shores and rolling hills of California. Dive into the crisp, invigorating taste of our California Steam Beer today!

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