Globetrotter Marzen Lager (473 ml Can)
Indulge in the artistry of patience with our Cold-Aged Reserve Marzen, a lusciously smooth amber pour that has matured for eight months, resulting in a symphony of flavors. Evoking bonfires beneath starry skies, the aroma intertwines toasted malt, caramelized sweetness,...
from $3.75
Globetrotter American Brown Ale (473 ml Can)
Introducing our American Brown Ale, a true testament to the rich flavors of autumn. Crafted with a blend of specialty malts, this deep, chestnut-hued ale embodies the spirit of the season. With a malt-forward profile, you'll discover notes of toffee,...
from $3.60
Globetrotter Pumpkin Ale (473 ml Can)
Introducing our American Pumpkin Ale, a seasonal delight blending real pumpkin and traditional spices for a rich, amber-hued brew that conjures the essence of autumn. This harmonious concoction balances pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove with a smooth body and a...
from $3.60
Take-A-Break Tropical IPA (473 ml Can)
All or Nothing Take-A-Break Tropical IPA is a hazy, flavour forward and extremely juicy IPA that transports you to the vibes of the islands. Featuring pineapple, mango and coconut undertones that are complimented with strong citrus notes. Alcohol: 6.8% IBU: 48 out of...
from $3.75
Think Big'Ger Cream Ale (473ml Can)
 Clocking in at 4.8% ABV and 20 IBU, this is a refreshing, balanced and light golden ale that goes down easy and can be enjoyed all year long. Brewed with North American hops, this brew has a nice delicate, floral...
from $3.35
Mind Over Matter Mead Braggot (296 ml Can)
The combination of mead and malty ale creates a balanced beverage that offers subtle and complex aromas of citrus, honey, cereal, with floral notes. The palate is off-dry and lightly spritzy with flavours that follow the nose, and are rounded...
from $3.85
Fearless Vienna Lager (473 ml Can)
All or Nothing Fearless Vienna Lager is a delicous amber coloured vienna style lager. With slight toasted notes at the start from the vienna malts  and clean finish from our imported lager yeast this beer will have you running to...
from $3.65
Sweet Ambitions Ale with Grape Must (296ml Can)
Sweet Ambitions is a wine-beer hybrid co-fermented with a blend of red grape must, generating a delicate balance between malt sweetness and dark fruit notes such as berries and currants which together combine to create a demi-sec refreshing experience. Alcohol: 6%...
from $4.05
Prized Possession Barley Wine - 296 ml
Prized Possession Barley Wine is a bold beer brewed to be savoured. Enjoy strong notes of caramel, honey, molasses and toffee with every sip. This beers flavour is so triumphant you will be wanting to add a can of it...
from $5.05
Chain Reaction Wild Fermented Ale - 296mL
Chain Reaction is a brand new wild fermented beer using Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. In this volume 1 release, this beer has developed beautiful notes of cherries complimented by subtle earthy, funky, woody and sour characteristics from the secondary fermentation that has...
from $6.80
Grape Screamsicle Ale (296mL Can)
Part of our Screamsicle Lactose Ale series, this beer features delicious notes of juicy ripe grape, and sweet lactose with each sip.  This beer is best enjoyed in a glass to show off the incredible colour of the beer from the...
from $3.85
Durham College Lords Ale
Crisp refreshing light ale brewed in Partnership with Durham College. 10 cents from every can sold goes back to Durham College.
from $3.95
Hustle Over Hype Pale Wheat Ale (473 ml Can)
A lightly-hopped, highly sessionable wheat beer like nothing you’ve seen before. Golden in colour, with a sparkling foamy head, revealing banana, bubblegum and tropical fruit aromatics. Sweet and refreshing fruitiness creates a delightful hybrid of Hefeweizen and west-coast Pale Ale...
from $3.35
Globetrotter Quinoa Lager (473 ml Can)
Introducing our new Quinoa Lager Beer! This unique beer is brewed with the finest malted barley and a touch of quinoa, providing a crisp and refreshing taste with a hint of nuttiness. The quinoa adds a smooth body and a...
from $3.60
Blackberry & Pineapple Fruit Stand Sour - 296 ml
Blackberry & Pineapple Fruit Stand Sour is a tart, refreshing treat! This delicious sour features tart blackberries and pineapple with every sip!
from $3.80
Over The Limit TRIPLE IPA (296 ml Can)
One small step for Cornelius, one giant step for craft beer-kind, over the limit triple IPA goes where no IPA has gone before! This hop-rocket ascends into the stratosphere with 110 IBU's of west coast hop character making this the biggest...
from $5.50
Globetrotter Agave Wheat Ale (473 ml Can)
Introducing our new Agave Wheat Beer! This unique beer is crafted with the finest malted barley and the natural sweetness of agave syrup, resulting in a delightful twist on a classic wheat beer. The addition of agave syrup provides a...
from $3.60
Limitless Craft Lager w/ Lime (473 ml Can)
We have put a summertime twist on our refreshing, balanced, light lager. We've added lime to it! Grab a case of this crushable beer while soaking up the summertime sun!   Alcohol: 4.8% IBU: 18 out of 100 Malts: 2 Hops: 2...
from $3.70
Limitless Craft Lager (473 ml Can)
Refreshing, balanced, and a light lager that goes down easy and can be enjoyed all year long. Brewed with North American hops, this brew has a nice delicate, floral aroma. Medium-bodied and malty, with a long-lasting finish. Alcohol: 4.8% IBU: 18...
from $3.50
All Out Effort American Amber Ale (473 ml Can)
All Out Effort is a delicious American Amber style beer with deep notes of caramel and crunchy biscuit. Pouring a deep golden brown this beer is a great staple beer in any craft beer fans fridge! This is a limited...
from $3.60
Beatin' The Odds NEIPA - Enigma & Calypso (473 ml Can)
Beatin The Odds pours with a hazy and radiant allure, crowned by a luscious and frothy head. As it gracefully cascades into the glass, a vibrant symphony of tropical fruit aromas envelopes the senses, entwining the essence of pineapple and mango...
from $3.70
Globetrotter Belgium Flanders Red Ale (473 ml Can)
Flander's Red Ales are known to have a very strong note of fruit flavour with intense notes of plum, prune, raisin and even light raspberries are noted with each sip. With a moderate sour level, this creates a mellow orange...
from $3.60
Peach & Mango Fruit Stand Sour - 296 ml
Peach & Mango Fruit Stand Sour is a tart, refreshing treat! This delicious sour features fuzzy sweet peaches and ripe mango with every sip!
from $3.80
Dare-to-Compete Dunkelweizen (473 ml Can)
Clocking in at 5.5% ABV and 33 IBU, this smooth malty dark wheat beer features notes of banana and bubblegum from our german yeast and finishes with a delicious toasty bready note.  Alcohol: 5.5% IBU: 33 out of 100 Malts: 2 Hops: 2
from $3.60
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